Who’s ready for an intentional YOU this 2024 year?

relationships Jan 10, 2024

Who’s ready for an intentional YOU this 2024 year? This year I would challenge you to be intentional each day in routines and learning to live each day with intentions to build a healthier and more present you. This is taking a check-up in your relationship with self and how it is overflowing into the other areas if your life from friends, family, work buddies, a spending plan, meal habits and so much more to really take a dive into some intentional habits and lifestyle for your 2024.


Static paintings are beautiful to look at, but life isn’t a static painting, and is way more like a changing puzzle. Sharon Salzberg nailed it with, "Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope - a slight change, and all patterns alter." So, buckle up to share a little more specific with you on being more intentional YOU! Here are nine ways – mindful practice, routine for sleep, exercise routine, say no, decluttering, time outside, self-love, and a positive mindset - you can be intentional for you this year! Take out a piece of paper and write out one you already implement and a new one that you want to implement. 


Implementation for Self-Care Moves 


Mindful Practice: This can happen anywhere and at any time it can be as simple as closing your eyes to take a deep breathe or it can look like getting up an extra five minutes earlier to go and sit in a quite place to launch your day off with a positive mindful start. 


Routine for Sleep: This can help with giving your body a pattern and rhythm to good sleep hygiene. This is giving yourself an 80% of time success to going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. Did you know that sleep patterns and your internal clock are affected by spending time outside to help get your body in a rhythm.


Exercise Routine: This one will help get your body moving and helps keep a healthy lifestyle. Your movement can be as simple as taking 25 minutes to walk each day to give yourself daily movement. You need to give yourself 150 minutes of moderate movement each week! Exercise routines do not have to take a lot but can simply be easy.


Say “No”: This one is learning to protect and guard your ‘me’ time like a boss or the family time you have set out on your schedule. This is learning how to not overcrowd or overschedule your day to day, in giving some flexibility.


Decluttering: This is not just decluttering your mind and finding the best way for you to be organized, but if you are in a disorganized space, research shows that our spaces being decluttered helps in our minds. Start by simply making your bed each morning to come back to a clear space or after each meal wash the dishes so you only have a few to wash rather than a whole week’s worth.


Time outside: Research shows us that when you just spend 20-minutes a day outside you can reset your stress level and collect vitamin D at the same time. Through spending time outside, you are able to support your immune system and give your body a natural boost.


Self-love: This is the ability to give yourself the kindness that you would give to others. If you aren’t very nice to others, then it can start by working on the self-love that you have for YOU. This might come from needing to really discover or rediscover who you are from the intentionality of loving who you are. Remember that self-love encompasses more than your thoughts and feelings with a full acceptance of yourself through nurturing your growth and wellbeing. Self-love can look like a multitude of actions, but a few can be valuing your feelings, challenging yourself, holding yourself accountable, accepting an imperfection, and setting realistic expectations.


Positive mindset/attitude: Might be one of the hardest to achieve because we are fighting our own worst critic – ourselves. Positive traits can look like having optimism, acceptance, resilience, gratitude, mindfulness, or integrity. Keeping these traits present in your daily and intentional self will give you a plethora of benefits.



Here a quick review:



Life is most definitely not a smooth ride; it’s a wild rollercoaster. These intentional moves aren't about perfection; they're about keeping it real in every part of your life. Keep it real with yourself as you keep rediscovering your intentional self. 

It’s about the journey, not the destination

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