Are you ready to be empowered?


My mission is to help women find the healthiest version of themselves through daily growth, empowerment, and education through a jiu jitsu journey. 

Join me weekly on the mat at Coosa Jiu Jitsu & Wellness (Wetumpka, Alabama), for a one-day seminar, or six week self-defense journey. 

It’s Time To Empower Yourself 

Through a one-day or six-week seminar, you’ve found a safe place to find your inner empowerment

and enrich yourself.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right empowerment for YOU

Seminar Pricing


per person

  • 2 hour seminar
  • Basics of self defense movements
  • Book a seminar for your female group of friends, coworkers, club, sorority, girls scouts, cheerleaders, or female athletes--whoever is a part of your tribe. 
Jumping In!



per person

  • 4 hour workshop
  • Basics of self defense
  • Basics of a healthy relationship 
Let's Do This!

6-Week Course


per person

  • Six Weekly Sessions 
  • In-depth learning of Jiu Jitsu Self Defense 
I'm IN!