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Ways to Not Let Yourself Vanish through Cracking Life's Code on Building A Strong Self Relationship

If you're on a quest to stay true to yourself, maintain your authenticity, and navigate life's twists and turns with confidence, you don't want to miss this FREE guide: 'WAYS TO NOT LET YOURSELF VANISH.' It's a powerful roadmap for building a strong self-relationship and ensuring that your true self shines through, no matter what life throws your way.

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30-Day Self-Affirmation Challenge

On an average it can take 66 days before your new behavior becomes an automatic habit. Get started on speaking positiveĀ self- affirmations to yourself with this 30 day Challenge.Ā 

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Happy Moments

Make a conscious effort to pause and appreciateĀ or create happy moments in your day, you're not only practicing intentional mindfulness and gratitude but also rewiring your brain to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Join me for a 7-day Happy Moments Challenge! Each day, actively look for and enjoy at least three moments of happiness. Share your happy moments with us on Instagram and share your experiences and thoughts with others to spread a little happy and inspire them to join the challenge too! Ā 

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Money Date Checklist

The more intentional you are with a spending plan (budget) the more you are able to help your money work for you. This quick template helps to provide a money date outline for you (or you & a partner). Set your money date monthly!

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Resource from The Exuberant Elephant

She has downloadable resources to help you on your financial journey today!

  • Templates for YNAB
  • 30 Money Affirmations for prosperity and abundance
  • 8 Financial Mistakes you Might be Making
  • Thrifty and Merry: A Guide to Celebrating the Holidays on a Budget
  • Beginner's Budgeting Guide
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