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Ways to Not Let Yourself Vanish through Cracking Life's Code on Building A Strong Self Relationship

If you're on a quest to stay true to yourself, maintain your authenticity, and navigate life's twists and turns with confidence, you don't want to miss this FREE guide: 'WAYS TO NOT LET YOURSELF VANISH.' It's a powerful roadmap for building a strong self-relationship and ensuring that your true self shines through, no matter what life throws your way.

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30-Day Self-Affirmation Challenge

On an average it can take 66 days before your new behavior becomes an automatic habit. Get started on speaking positiveĀ self- affirmations to yourself with this 30 day Challenge.Ā 

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Money Date Checklist

The more intentional you are with a spending plan (budget) the more you are able to help your money work for you. This quick template helps to provide a money date outline for you (or you & a partner). Set your money date monthly!

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Resource from The Exuberant Elephant

She has downloadable resources to help you on your financial journey today!

  • Templates for YNAB
  • 30 Money Affirmations for prosperity and abundance
  • 8 Financial Mistakes you Might be Making
  • Thrifty and Merry: A Guide to Celebrating the Holidays on a Budget
  • Beginner's Budgeting Guide
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