Intentionality # 1

Becca finds it essential to be intentional in the way she speaks to herself, as this is fundamental in the way you grant others to speak to you. 

Intentionality # 2

Becca finds it is crucial to be intentional in the ways that you enrich your relationships, finances, and nutrition. Grow aspects of who you are, so that you know how to be YOU in all areas of your life! 

Intentionality  # 3

Becca finds the importance of incorporating exercise into her daily habits for overall health. She accomplishes this priority through intentionally planning time for swimming, Jiu Jitsu, or yoga.

Hello there!


After spending more than two decades becoming unapologetically Becca, I see how crucial continuing to  keep up with you through life's changes, the relationships that come and go, your finances, and your nutrition all relate to a healthy and happier life. I provide education to help you to keep your intents stacked. 

I am dedicated to utilize my Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) to help you become intentional in your life for overall enrichment. 

Join me on a journey to intentionally stack your life through relationships, nutrition, and finances. Have the courage to to be unapologetic in the confidence you create in you.


I landed as the middle child between an older brother and younger sister -- who are both incredibly important to me and are amongst my greatest friends. We learned how to share and be present through medical emergencies and life changes setting goals and standards to serve each of us as individuals. My parents taught us how to do LIFE even when life events could stop us in our tracks.

They nurtured the entrepreneur spirit and leader they saw inside of me. I was allowed to explore learning social skills, develop emotionally, communicate, practice independence, grow my imagination and problem solve.

Helping people is core to who I am. Learning valuable real-world skills and sharing started from my early teens when I was a mother's helper to selling Pampered Chef with food demonstrations to help my public speaking, to earning CPR and lifeguard certifications and taking that to my professional life. 

Continuing to embrace unapologetically Becca I experienced hard knocks in life through relationships, finances, and nutrition that taught me to dig into my YOU. I was the only one who could make decisions to intentionally stack and shift to have a life of becoming bold of what makes me – Bec!

Don't think life has always been perfect and that I never got sidetracked, but I put one foot in front of the other to control aspects that give me results to get over what could result in perpetual fear and pursue an intentional life.


I truly believe that we should look at relationships as more than romantic ones because many relational experiences help us to be our authentic selves.  Unfortunately people first think of relationships in terms of being romantic and not much more, which can  limit life aspirations.

A few years ago my mom asked me, “Why are you easily able to talk about relationships and sex in the County programming you are presenting?” I simply answered her with, "If not me, then who is going to help these teenagers learn how a healthy relationship is possible?"  Too often our society beautifies a relationship (i.e. romantic, family, friendship), but doesn’t teach the true meaning and healthy relationship boundaries.  

I realized through pain of losing friendships growing apart, becoming one directional friendships, or simply those that were temporary along life's road that it was important to know and practice the keys to create well balanced and healthy relationships.

My desire through Stacked Intent is to shine a light and provide education on simply finding YOU as you cultivate healthy relationships in your life.

I truly believe that we should look at our finances as a tool in life. The better we are intentional with our financial plan, the better we can have the vacation of our dreams or the life we want. Every individual should evaluate their budget and lay out a guideline to how money is spent or when pay day rolls around -- poof the funds are  gone in a matter of moments.

As a young child I practiced money management by giving my stuffed animals money for their rent, bills, and more – when they didn’t manage it correctly, they were evicted. I encouraged responsibility.

I strive for financial independence, and as a small child I remember finding ways to earn money and I was frugal. I recall a family trip to the river where we stopped at a candy store and my parents gave us a couple of dollars to spend – I went last because I took the money they gave me intending to add my own money, but instead I saved the original money.  I didn’t find it appealing to just spend money on items I didn't truly want.

I recall several stories where I picked an item up in a store or put it in my shopping cart online and ended up putting it back and deciding now was not the time to buy. I had a process to make me stop and think.

My process of controlling my money and buying for my needs or my true wants led me to be organized and create my excel spreadsheet that is planned out to the penny – each category has a place and the lines never get crossed.

If I need to borrow money I would rather borrow from the "bank of Becca" and pay her back with 20% interest on the borrowing. I strongly adhere to using credit only to pay it as I go. I believe in close attention to how money cycles through my account.

This practice of paying attention helped me in catching a major employer overpayment. That experience fueled my desire  to build a much larger savings cushion.  As I got married, we have worked together in having a budget down to the penny so we are ready to go on the next trip, can buy Christmas presents all year long, enjoy a fun night out, and be able to cover A to Z at the drop of a hat.

I look forward to teaching you some of my tips of becoming unapologetically in control of your spending plan

I truly believe we each have a responsibility to become in control of our own eating habits. Let me share with you why I find this so important in being Becca.

Between my junior and senior year of high school I went from being about 150 – 160 in weight to 100 pounds. Not because I was trying and definitely not because I wasn’t eating as I am known in my family for having snacks for me and everyone else. It took another year and half of testing and trial and error before I was diagnosed with a silent disease – Crohn's.

To control Crohn's and have quality life, I tuned into my body in such detail that today I can tell you whether the sauce I ate caused a Crohn's flare or if it was from stress. The importance to meal plan to ensure I get the right nutrition for my body became priority. Do I do it perfectly? Not at all, but I work at it every day.  

I truly believe that exercise is important for your overall self. It takes deciding you are going to daily create the intentional habit of working out in your schedule. 

Being active can be a personal and specific or a general health goal. Exercise can help the digestive tract and is vitally important for me in my Crohn's health journey. 

In June of 2019, I decided to walk onto a Jiu Jitsu mat, and now this sport is a part of my intentionality in life.   

Welcome to a little bit of what makes Bec!   


Let's chat about the Stacked Intent Logo

Incorporating an elephant might seem a little out of nowhere, it is not. My best friend gave me an elephant that sat in a prominent spot in my house as a reminder of our friendship and strength. Conveyed through emotions, one can observe that elephants model within their herd elements to belong, to be loyal, and to cherish relationships.  Elephants can teach us to develop and thrive by embracing our authentic self.