Do You Travel Well?

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Research shows that the pre-travel happiness rates high on the vacation satisfaction meter for most of us. It’s the planning, the anticipation of escaping the everyday life and the amount of true relaxing that rates high and lingers.  In order to achieve the most out of a vacation is to travel well—which requires a combination of flexibility, planning, and a positive mindset. However, be aware that pre-travel stress can also be real and elevated if you are looking for perfection or tend to get overwhelmed. Let’s look at a comprehensive guide to help you organize yourself for the best summer vacation ever, so you have time to anticipate and daydream.

  1.  Be Flexible with your time and travel during off-peak periods to dodge crowds and save money. For example, visit parks early when they open and start at the far end, moving back toward the crowds instead of following them. If you can, keep your dates flexible for last-minute deals and better weather and you might look at midweek trips instead of a typical weekend to weekend. It’s also possible to look at travel packages offered through loyalty programs where you use points or miles for discounts that can really change your life.
  2.  Organize Yourself
    Before you choose both your destination and method of how you are getting there be sure to locate your documents like your passport, visas, and check that any necessary vaccinations are up-to-date. Have you looked at your license and checked the expiration date? That one can sneak up on you! Do you have the TSA pre-check? For a five-year membership, you can get through security without needing to remove your shoes, jacket, belt, liquids or laptop. The fact that more than 93% of TSA pre-check passengers waited only five minutes or less makes it super valuable. Visit gov/precheck to select the enrollment provider that best meets your needs and has an enrollment location near you.  Ever relied on your phone to call for a pick-up once you reach your destination? Panic can set in when you see a red 10% battery charge in the top corner. To avoid dead cell phones and other electronics, pack a portable battery charger. With a portable charger, you won’t have to track down an outlet if your phone’s battery dwindles to dangerous levels. Be sure to pack light and smart as you bring versatile clothing, essential toiletries, and any must-have gadgets.
  3.  Plan With or Without Companions
    If traveling with your best friend or a family member, be sure you have compatibility as travel companions—which means you should check that they have similar interests and travel styles. Someone who loves hiking the outdoors may not enjoy the art museums and cathedrals and constantly compromising is not traveling well. You’ll also want to divide the responsibilities. For instance, share the planning tasks, such as one person handling transportation while another manages accommodations or activities and be sure to communicate regularly to discuss plans, budgets, and expectations to avoid misunderstandings.
  4.  Enjoy the Journey as you embrace spontaneity, allow yourself to deviate from the plan and discover unexpected adventures. I’ve had amazing experiences like following Route 66 when traveling home from being out west and getting a center of the road picture in the wee hours of the night to commemorate! Be sure to capture memories by taking photos, keeping a travel journal, or blog about your experiences all while staying present. Make an effort to disconnect from work and digital distractions to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Being intentional and understanding your own preferences and limits is crucial to having a fulfilling vacation and avoiding disappointment. Traveling well isn't just about reaching your destination—it's about embracing the entire journey and by knowing what you truly enjoy and what makes you comfortable. You can tailor your travel plans to match your preferences and experience a more satisfying journey. Stay flexible, organized, and open-minded so that you can travel well while making the most out of your summer adventure.

It’s about the journey, not the destination

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