Wrapping Up the Year: Let's Talk Money

financial Dec 26, 2023

Your true worth is beyond the balance in your bank account. As the year concludes, let's explore how to navigate the financial landscape without losing or defining yourself solely by the numbers. Celebrate the victories, big or small, and acknowledge the lessons learned. This is your chance to set intentions with your finances and become your more authentic self.


1. Goal Check and Spending Plan Review:

As we wind down the year, let's chat about the financial goals you set way back when. How did you do? What did you ace, and where could you use a little boost? Dive into your spending plan —yeah, that thing we sometimes ignore…especially right at the end of the holidays. See where the money came and went. It's like a financial selfie—flattering or not, it's time to face it. These reflections are the roadmap to a more wallet-friendly new year.


2. Money Moves and Debt Drama:

Now, let's talk savings and debts—the dynamic duo of your financial story. How did you do on making progress in your savings? High-fives or facepalms? And debts, those pesky troublemakers—did you keep your debts low or add to the dreaded column? Check your emergency fund too; is it giving you the warm fuzzies or stress sweats? This money talk sets the stage for your financial moves in the next year.


3. Career Adventures and Future Hopes:

Switching gears, how did the work hustle this year? Any wins or epic fails? What about that side job you dreamed up? And taxes, the necessary evil—did you adult like a pro or wing it? Look at your career journey, applaud the victories, and note where you want to level up. Armed with these thoughts, tweak those financial goals for the future. Celebrate the money wins, learn from the oops, and let's roll into the new year with a wallet full of dreams and a game plan.

So, here's to a laid-back, end-of-year financial date with yourself. Grab a cup of tea or a coffee, cozy up, and set a money date with YOU!


Dive into the wealth of resources available on the Stacked Intent podcast episodes that serve as tools to empower your financial story. Here's to wrapping up the year with financial wisdom and stepping into a new chapter of reaching your goals and your authenticity!

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